Covid-19 Updates

To Our Valued Customers:


As most of you know, the pandemic has hit small businesses particularly hard.  We are coming to the realization that the recovery will be a slow one, and as a business we must find ways to hang on.  In order for us to be in business when this is over we must make some TEMPORARY adjustments.  The following policy changes will go into effect immediately:

  • Thank you for your patience during the pandemic. We have begun cashing out consignors that choose that option over store credit. You may now use up to $50 of your store credit on NEW items in store per visit.
  • In April of 2021 we will have a maximum amount we will cash out each month.  If we have reached our max then consignors must wait until the following month.

PLEASE KNOW- we are infinitely grateful for all your understanding and support through these challenging times.  We look forward to a future time when we can revert back to our former policies.

How You Can Help:

  • Shop local.
  • Buy our gift cards in store or online.
  • Shop our online store if you are not comfortable in public places.  We ship or do curbside pick up.
  • Bring us your great consignor ítems.
  • Use your store credit at a later date.
  • Be patient with us…this is scary.

Thank you!  We REALLY appreciate your business.


Three Little Birds Staff

Covid 19 Updates

We appreciate the patience of our customers during this strange time of Covid 19.  The following are the policies and protections in place as we prepare to safely re-open and get back to business.

As you may know, there are strict guidelines we must follow in order to be open for business.  Those guidelines can be found here:

As far as our store policies are concerned.  These are some temporary changes and important info for our customers:

Drop offs:

We will have been closed for approximately two and a half months by the time we reopen.  This means we have been unable to move through our current inventory and we are now in a different season for clothing and accessories.  Please limit drop offs to no more than two shopping bags.  We are being very selective while we move through the inventory we had when Covid shut us down.

1) If you had dropped items off before Covid, we waited to add those items to inventory so our consignors could have their full 90 days on the floor while we were open for business.

2) If your items expired during the time we were mandated closed and are no longer seasonally appropriate...we have added those items to our storage for next year.  All expiration dates were changed so customers could have the opportunity to sell their items during the following season and accrue store credit.  Those items cannot be picked up or returned at this time.

3) All items approaching their expiration date soon will automatically be given a new expiration date 2 months past the original due to the closure.

4) What we need and what we are not currently buying:

       *Girls sizes 2T - 4T and 12

        *Boys sizes 2T and up

        *Gear: Bumbo-style seats, potty chairs, Pack n' Plays, Bjorn bouncers, step stools, wooden activity cubes, umbrella strollers, exersaucers, water/sand tables, kids' bikes

5) Things we are currently full with:

        *Swim wear

        *All shoes (other than water shoes and sports sandals)


        *Plastic toys


    We look forward to seeing our amazing customers again.  Thank you so much for your patience and support as we navigate through this unprecedented time.